Roast Beef Brussel Sprouts Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Growing up I was specifically told by numerous people how awful brussel sprouts were. From the smell while they’re cooking, to the alleged bitter taste I had essentially been told all of my life to avoid brussel sprouts or if I did eat them make sure I had it with something.

Recently I was in Target (I really should stop mentioning how often I go to Target) and saw in the produce section a bag of shaved brussel sprouts which looked to me like shredded lettuce but darker and more infamous. On a whim and on my personal quest to continue trying new vegetables I bought the bag and vowed to try to create a recipe off of it, specifically this sandwich you see here.


Now, upon opening the bag I ate a small shred of brussel sprout and found I couldn’t quite describe the taste. It was different, it was definitely unique, perhaps slightly bitter but not terrible like everyone else had said they were. My mother was later surprised to learn I ate it raw; apparently most people don’t consume brussel sprouts that way? I assume I could’ve sautéed them with some onions, salt, black pepper and olive oil first but I wasn’t feeling fancy at the time, just hungry.


I’ve also been on a small grilled cheese sandwich kick lately as well as a pumpernickel and rye swirl bread kick so this sandwich was a win on multiple levels. With the brussel sprouts and the roast beef it grilled together very nicely. In retrospect I would add dill pickles or some jalapenos but overall it’s a tasty go-to for lunch or a snack.


2 slices pumpernickel and rye swirl bread
6 slices roast beef
2 slices cheddar cheese
1/4 c shaved brussel sprouts
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon butter

1. Spread desired amount of Dijon mustard onto bread slices. Begin assembling sandwich with roast beef, cheese slices and brussel sprouts.
2. Turn stove on low and add butter and let melt.
3. Let cook for 2-3 minutes or until bread is toasty. Flip to other side until side is toasty. Continue until cheese is melted.
4. Serve hot and enjoy.

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