Friday Gold Cardigan Posts: March 28

As I said earlier this week, Heidi from Foodie Crush inspired me to do my own version of Friday Faves, hence the inaugural edition of “Five Gold Cardigan Posts”. It’s my own dependable sweater twist on Friday Faves complete with links from great things I’ve seen on the web no matter how new or old it is. There could be a health article, there will be recipes, there will definitely be cute things from Pinterest, there will be dope DIY projects and then some. I’m quite excited to do this as an excuse to share what I’ve seen around the web and be on the look out for new websites.

Without further delay:

Speaking of Pinterest, there’s this awesome list of ways to get the most out of the site from Amy Lynn Andrews.

These Cheddar Biscuits with Black Pepper Honey Glaze from Laura at Blogging Over Thyme; isn’t that genius to incorporate black pepper?

Love (or used to love) Forever 21? Here’s where the clothes came from.

I was never into egg decorating for Easter growing up but I’m into these Confetti Dipped Eggs.

The baker in me is slightly obsessed with all of the pretty things on Sweet Estelle’s Bakery Supplies website. And these cupcake liners. I can feel the money oozing from my paychecks already.

I’m not a kid anymore but I see potential ways to grown-upify this DIY tea party set. Though those polka dots are awesome!

These Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Galettes from Stephanie over at Girl Versus Dough; aren’t they pretty?

This 300 Ultimate Ab and Core Challenge Workout made my stomach hurt just reading it but I’m intrigued. We have to work off the scones and the chocolate bundt cake sometime (I guess).

You know how mercury glass can be pricey? Never fear you can DIY for the cheap.

These 27 diagrams of workouts to get you in shape for summer are really dope. #TeamSwimSuits

The Cali kid in me really loves this Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu + Super Secret Menu Guide; oh to have a double-double animal style with french fries and medium lemonade in my life again.

Been wanting to get into journaling and am loving the concept of this app.

I recently started loving Greek yogurt. This Chobani Greek Yogurt conversion guide is amazing (and fueling the love).

I’m not vegan but I’d make this vegan ice cream from Serious Eats.

Anyone remember Teddy Grahams? You can MAKE THEM thanks to Cara from Fork and Beans. And the chocolate ones at that!

I saw this in Heidi’s Friday Faves last week but I’m re-circulating the obnoxiousness that is Lindsay from Pinch of Yum’s Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie with Caramel and Sea Salt. I plan on investing in an iron skillet VERY soon.

This Peach Pie Sangria from The Cookie Rookie. Is it summer yet?



  • Thanks so much for featuring my biscuits Marissa! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Reply April 2, 2014


    I love this!!! Your blog is so fun to read and I actually read till the end lol and not just cause you’re my bestie

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